Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Where to begin?  I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend and I hope all the other Mom's out there did too!  I was spoiled to an entire Saturday without cooking or cleaning (Thanks Hubby!!), and received the cutest flowers from my son,  Sunday was spent visiting with my Mother's for a little while.  It was a beautiful day and I got to spend all afternoon outside enjoying the lake and then "The Farm".  

I wanted to post my craft project that I mentioned last time.  It is a punch/embroidered design that I modified from a design I came across in a magazine.  As I mentioned, it was for someone special and that was my Mom!  Happy Mother's Day Mom!  It certainly was a learning experience and a test of my adaptability considering I didn't quite have the right materials.  Hope you like it! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Living Frugally

Alright, I know it's been forever since my last post...but I plan on doing this whole blogging thing and it really shouldn't consume that much of my time to jot down a few things and post them, right??

So here is the topic of today:  living on less or frugal living, self sufficiency and sustaining.  I love the idea of it all.  But frankly, when you live in town and rent, there are some things that are just out of your control.  I do still have choices though.  I choose to 'repurpose' 'reuse' 'recycle' 'reclaim' 'repair' whenever possible.  I love 2nd hand finds.  I garage sale, shop the Goodwill, Consignment Shops, Craigslist and even participate in a free kids clothing swap twice a year.  I use coupons, scour ads for the best deals, buy generic and sometimes go without to save money.  We recently changed our cleaning methods to include more eco-friendly solutions.  Apparently you don't always need chemicals to get things clean and now I do not buy those things.  Our next step is to dabble a little in the self sustaining field by growing our own garden.  In previous years, our gardens have flopped.  This year we hope for different.  I love the idea of growing, eating and maybe even canning our own food.  This year I hope to hit up the Farmer's Market much more than in previous year's.  Will definitely be looking for fruit since I cannot grow the trees myself, plus I really want to learn to make homemade jelly.

There are certainly many ways to cut cost and live more frugally, even eco-friendly.  How are you reducing expenses in your household?

Oh...almost forgot!  In stitching news, I am working on a little something for a someone special.  Will reveal the final project after it has been gifted!!