Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's been awhile...

So, it's been awhile since my last blog, and I'm sorry to report it has not been due to me being freakishly busy...but rather lazy. I guess this winter weather has got me in hibernation mode. The weather is warming up this week, and I must be coming out of my slump! I am very excited to report that I have my next needle punch design all drawn up on the material and in the hoop! As soon as I finish writing this, I will finally finish off my last project, and get started! I know, I know...I should have had my last project finished by now! Quite honestly...I think finishing projects is hard for me because I lack the creativity to do something great with them. So I find myself in a rut, pushing aside my problem, and finding something new and exciting to focus on. I'm not a psychiatrist...but I'm sure there's some sort of 'label' to this sort of mindset or behavior haha! I have even tried to bargain with my Mom that I will punch and she can finish them off and we can split the profit of the sale. That's not a bad idea is it? Again I laugh at myself...but she has the creative means to my ends :)

My next punched design is inspired by my wonderful Aunt Betty. She gets the 'primitive' ways and has beautiful patterns. I, however, do not have quite the 'eye' for the prims. So I tend to borrow parts of patterns, and then blend another pattern or my own artful additions. I hope Aunt Betty likes how I have 'tweaked' her freebie pattern. Pictures coming soon!