Friday, January 28, 2011


Hey there!

So I admit, I've been slacking off lately...and horribly!  I haven't touched my needle punch in a week...all I need to do is attach a small embellishment on the front, and my name to the back.  I also purchased thread and a small paper mache box to make my next craft and haven't started it yet.  I need to get out of this lazy slump!  In my defense, I've been busy at work (surprise!) and at home we have been rearranging a few rooms which has kept me very busy the past few nights.  I'm not a big fan of throwing anything away.  If I can find a way to make something work somewhere else, I do.  So when we made the decision to upgrade our old clunky 29 inch tv to a flat screen...we quickly realized that the armoire that housed our old tv simply wouldn't do!  I have always loved armoire's in the bedroom...and our's is a simple enough design and style that it fits just perfectly with our envisioned bedroom theme.  So last night the hubby and I muscled the 7(ish) foot armoire up our stairs and into our bedroom (not without a little bickering and scuffed walls mind you).  And it looks great!  For now....LOL!  My goal is to someday refinish it.  It is cheap pine, but still solid wood.  I can't decide whether to paint it or use a darker stain.  I really would like a distressed look.  I'm afraid that the quality of the wood will keep it from absorbing the stain to give it the look I hope for.  Looks like I'll be consulting the woodworking master (my Stepfather) for his expertise :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!       


  1. I'm sure your master woodworker would be honored to hear this..LOL

  2. Before you even mentioned Jimmy, that is who I was thinking you needed to consult. Now... get back to punching! :)